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Name *
I am giving creative freedom to my stylist while applying my Hand Tied Extensions. *
I understand that I have paid a non refundable deposit of $500 upon booking my reservation. I understand that if I cancel any NBR install or maintenance reservations within a 24 hour period a $100 cancelation fee will be collected prior to reserving the install or maintenance visit. *
I understand that it is my responsibility to care for and maintain my extensions at home with the products recommended for me by Hailey Ivankovics and that using any products not recommended may result in needing to purchase and replace hair at no cost to Mint Hair Crafting or Hailey Ivankovics. *
I understand that I am making an investment in purchasing 100% Human Remy Bohyme Luxe extensions and I will follow any and all instructions to care for them. *
I understand that I will be asked at least every three maintenance appointments to purchase at least three more wefts of hair to replace any that are no longer healthy. *
I understand that I may be asked to cut the ends of my extensions if they are unhealthy or asked to replace up to 100% of my extensions if they are unhealthy. *
I understand that extension hair is different than the hair that grows from my head and there are different requirements to care for my extension hair. I have read the Natural Beaded Rows Care Sheet and will follow the instructions. *
I understand that after I leave Mint Hair Crafting my hair is under my care and therefore there are no refunds or hair that will be replaced due to negligence by Stacey Rackham Hair LLC also known as Mint Hair Crafting or Hailey Ivankovics. *
I understand that having NBR or the extension method determined by my stylist applied may cause breakage and bald spots if improperly cared for. I further agree to reach out to Mint Hair Crafting should I experience any discomfort. *
I am assuming responsibility for any damage caused to my natural hair or scalp. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hailey Ivankovics and Mint Hair Crafting for loss, damage, claims or actions of any type that I may suffer as a result of failure to provide them with accurate and complete information of my current health or pregnancy. *
I agree that I will not hold Hailey Ivankovics or Mint Hair Crafting liable in anyway for any loss, damage, or injury suffered by me as a consequence of my use, wear or misuse of my extensions. *
I will indemnify and hold harmless Hailey Ivankovics and Mint Hair Crafting free from all loss, damage, claims of action of any kind that they incur or that are claimed or brought against them by any party as a consequence of my use of my extensions. *
I understand that extensions perform best in hair that is at least shoulder length with layers that are at least cheekbone length. If my hair does not reach at least these lengths I understand that they may not blend and may require more work to style. *
Due to the personalized nature of this service and the limitations of extension hair, your consultation determines the hair that we source for your look. Should you consider, for example, to transition your color from blonde to darker tones, the hair we have sourced may not support that color change - and you may need to invest in new hair. *
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