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Wedding Date
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Location for onsite wedding
I understand that should my location change the mileage fee will change. *
Our travel rate is based on distance from our location: 510 S Center Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067 and the size of our team required to accommodate your party with the timeline we've been given.
I understand that Mint Hair Crafting is reserving the appropriate number of Artists to support my wedding day. Should anyone in my party no show, I understand that I am responsible for payment of those reserved services. *
I understand that the success of a smooth wedding morning is to arrive with clean, dry hair at our agreed upon time. *
Should I determine to work with another salon, stylist or makeup team I will give Mint Hair Crafting 60 days notice in writing. *
Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide a beautiful, fun experience on your wedding day. Of course, should you determine that we are not the best fit for you -- we respect your decision. With 60 days notice, your deposit, less $50 can be refunded and all reservations will be canceled.
60 days prior to my wedding date is: *
60 days prior to my wedding date is:
I understand that the menu prices for Big Night Out Wedding Trial are 75+. Should I request additional trial services, I will pay the menu price for these services. *
We strive to have a clear menu for pricing and our rates are current on our website 24/7. We understand that some brides may prefer to see many different looks as to feel their best on their wedding day.
If I am receiving a hair color and cut services the same day as my Big Night Out Wedding Trial, I understand that the menu price for my trial is additional to the cost of my haircut and color services.